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First, let's start with a little about you.

What is your name?

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What is your address?

What are some of your hobbies?

What do you enjoy most about living in Colorado?

What kind of nanny position are you looking for?

When are you available to start working?

Why do want to be a nanny?

Now let's get a little background on your childcare experience.

What age groups do you have experience with?

Discuss your professional childcare experience.

What is your nanny philosophy?

How do you handle discipline?

Is there anything about you that sets you apart from other nannies?

Let's discuss your ideal nanny position.

What makes a perfect family/employer? (Example: number/age of children, location, parenting style, etc.)

What is your hourly rate range?

Thank you!  Now tell us about your education.

Your highest level of completed education.

Are your CPR and First Aid certifications current?

Are there any other certifications you hold?

Have you completed any early childhood education coursework?  If yes, which courses?

If you've taken college courses, please answer the following: Where you went to school, dates attended, degree focus and what degree you graduated with.

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